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Monday, July 05, 2010


It's funny how quicky things can change.

I did not get to Germany to meet with my husband, or to Alsace/Lorraine to celebrate my 40th birthday with my mom. Instead, we were diverted back to JFK after 3 hours in flight because of volcanic ash closing the Frankfurt airport. We spent three days in Brooklyn hoping to get out, but eventually gave up. As a tangential result of that, I am now going through a marital separation and am living in a new apartment in downtown Rochester. Yikes.

What has NOT changed, however, is that I am still woefully behind on my attempt to knit 40 items in my 40th year, but in the face of everything else that's happening, that seems like small potatoes.

Here's a glimpse of an item that I HAVE completed, a 3 hour baby cap made out of yarn leftover from the Tulip baby sweater. This is a view from my wonderful second story roof-top deck.

Below are the softest socks ever, basic sock pattern with ribs. Photo also taken on my roof-top deck.

And finally, the citron, also taken on my roof-top deck (did I mention the roof-top deck?! Love. It.)

Knit on, all.


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