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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eastward Bound

My 40 in 40 goal is not off to a good start. So far, I've only completed two projects, and one of them was finished _before_ my birthday. Yikes! Here is the completed project #2: My Vampire Boyfriend socks, complete with Spike in the background.

I'm off to Europe tomorrow to visit my husband who's working in Bonn for three months, and to celebrate turning 40 by renting an apartment in Northeastern France for a week. I'm really looking forward to it. My mom is coming with me to help me celebrate, and we're planning to eat lots of cheese and bread, and drink lots of wine. We're hoping to visit the champagne caves in Reims, do a day trip to Paris, drive the Routes des Cretes in Alsace, and also do some walking and lounging.

I have lots of projects in progress, and am hoping to finish some on the trip. I'm almost on the last section of the Citron shawl, using malabrigo laceweight; I have two potential pairs of socks to bring along: the Midsummer Night's Dream socks and a basic sock pattern; and I'm also knitting my 14 year old neice day-glo green legwarmers in scary acrylic (I won't be bringing those to Europe).

Happy Knitting!


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