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A knitting scrapbook to keep track of things I've knitted and/or would like to knit someday.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Crocuses in our backyard:

My attempt at finished item #2: Floral Brocade Mittens by Cheryl Burke (mitten on the right, compared to full sized mitten) - I used the needle they suggested and my guage was way off. I ripped back to the cuff, and now I'm reknitting with size 2 and it's going much better.

A real finished item #2: Sock #1 of My Vampire Boyfriend socks, done on size 1 needles, in Dream in Color Smooshy, color In Vino Veritas. I started out knitting a little too tightly, so the cuff is a bit tight, but I think that'll help the sock stay up. I love these, especially the bitemark holes in the cables, which you can't see in this photo.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Return of the Blog!

The blog is back, Baby.

I was recently reading, and I was inspired to emulate her attempt to knit 50 projects in the year that she turned 50. I'm turning 40 next week, so my goal is to complete 40 items.

I've decided to start counting at the beginning of the month because I finally finished a vest that's been haunting me for years: the Downtown Cap Sleeve Cardigan by Jen Ronning for Webs.

I bought the yarn and the pattern at Stitches East in Baltimore in 2008, and I couldn't wait to start it. The yarn is lovely, the pattern is cute, but there was no chart, just the written instructions, and the bobble pattern was not in synch with the leaf pattern. Plus, there was shaping. Every time I put it down, it took time to figure out where I was the next time I picked it up. Hence, it sat, and sat, and sat. But now it's finally done. Yahoo! Only 39 more projects to go. Do socks count as 2 items?

Next up, My Vampire Boyfriend (Spike) or Floral Brocade Mittens. Both are on the needles. Stay tuned to see which one wins.