Knitting Librarian

A knitting scrapbook to keep track of things I've knitted and/or would like to knit someday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Another hat

I love this hat pattern. Here's one I whipped up over the weekend to bring to Knoxville for T-day. It should fit our 6 month old nephew. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hat Frenzy

I indulged in a major hat-knitting frenzy this past weekend. I discovered that the Yarn Harlot's unorginal hat pattern works great for handspun. I had a few small skeins lying around in my stash, so I got the ball winder going and ended up knitting 4 hats. The problem with the ease and speed of these hats is that it started to create an unrealistic urge to make them for all of my family for Christmas. I haven't done xmas knitting for the past few years because I get too stressed out about it, and no one has remarked on it so I think I'm better off knitting on my own schedule.

I'm planning to keep one of the teal hats for myself, bring one to my sister-in-law as a hostess present for Thanksgiving, and give the other two to charity.

Brian and I had a lovely day on Sunday. We scored at the Woolrich Outlet's 25% off everything sale, then we had 75 cent drafts and chicken wings in the middle of nowhere at the "Venture Inn," and then we made a vain attempt to walk it off on the Pine Creek Rail Trail. We met through a hiking club but our hiking has been recently curtailed by Brian's grad work and my long commute. It was great to get back outside!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My husband's back from his European adventure, so I have access to our digital camera once again. I did some fast travel knitting this past weekend. My library is participating in The Big Read next Spring, so I went to Minneapolis for orientation. On the way I finished my version of Calorimetry from Knitty:

I like how it turned out. I hope it will stay on my head. I should be able to find a fun button in my stash.

I also finished my first Hedgerow sock and started on the second. These socks, as simple as they are, are taking me forever. I don't think I'll make another pair. I guess I'm not enjoying switching knits and purls every two rows. I can't get into a groove.

Brian was a good husband and brought me chocolate from Switzerland. He also brought me a knitting book in Italian, which was very sweet. He always complains that he never knows what to get me for presents, which I think is crazy since he's known me for 6 years, but he did a good job this time.

The Kauni is almost done. I sewed in one sleeve this morning and still have to sew in the second one and tack down the cut edges. I'm not happy with how my buttonbands and neck edging turned out, so I may rip them out and redo them. I have plenty of yarn left over. I'm regretting not making the large size. I think I'll be able to wear the sweater, but I thought that the medium would be more roomy, based on the sizing. Below, you can see what happens when you do the checkerboard ribbing back and forth instead of in the round. The last two stitches on the neck ribbing flattened out and look weird (click the photo to see what I mean). I was going to try to live with it, but I don't like the buttonbands either, so I think I'll rip out and start over.