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A knitting scrapbook to keep track of things I've knitted and/or would like to knit someday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Daisy Afghan

I was too braindead to work on the Kauni last night after getting home from work. However, in the quiet of not knitting anything, I had a brainstorm about the Droguerie Marguerite Scarf that will never become a scarf because I'm too lazy to sew all of the Marguerites/Daisies together. I searched my stash and found some cotton yarn I had bought to make lace curtains in some future house where we'll be staying for more than a year or two. It turns out that it's perfect for what I wanted to do with the daisies.

Here are the daisies in their curly, unkempt natural state, along with one bordered daisy:

Here's the first attempt at a border:

It worked o.k., but it wasn't quite what I wanted. After this try, I figured out that I could use Log Cabin quilting techniques to make these borders quick and easy. I wanted a total of 20 stitches on each side of the square, making a 4'x4' square. Using the backward loop cast-on, I cast-on 10 stitches, including three of the petal tips as part of the cast-on. Then I knit until the rectangle was about an inch deep, then cast off all but the last stitch. Then I turned the square, picked up 4 stitches from the edge, and cast-on another 10 stitches, again including three of the petal tips. Knit an inch, cast-off, and repeat. On the last side I repeated the previous step and then picked-up five stitches from the edge of the orginal 10 cast-on. It worked great! I'm very pleased with it. This is going to be much more useful than a scarf. Here are five of my completed squares. I have 45 squares in all, and I think I'll make a 5 square by 9 square afghan and put some kind of a border around it, depending on how much yarn I have left.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kauni Colors

The Yarn Harlot was right: the Kauni cardigan goes much faster when you actually spend time knitting it:

I'm past the cast-off for the armholes. I decided to cast-on only 7 stitches for the armhole steeks, like I did for the front steek. I don't see the need to have more than that, and it'll leave me plenty of yarn leftover. I'm so glad that I chose this colorway instead of the rainbow. The rainbow is stunning, but these colors are much more me. I get such a kick out of watching them change as I go along.

Here's a somewhat better picture of the Mystery Shawl. The patterned tank top beneath it doesn't help the stitch definition, but you get the idea.

I joined the Secret of the Stole Knit-along because I had so much fun with the Mystery Stole this summer. I have some red zephyr in my stash that I'm planning to use. I have some clear beads which I think will work well with it. You're not supposed to use bright colors, but that's what I've got and I think it'll be fine.

Friday, September 21, 2007

No Knitting Today

Instead of knitting, I have our new nephew:

Is he not the cutest?! He's in a basket filled with hand-made (clean) diapers. My sister-in-law is amazing.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Here are before and after shots of the Kauni cardigan, pre-frog and post-frog. I'm really glad I ripped it out and started over. I used the German twist cast-on recommended on the Kauni KAL and I did the purl-block ribbing, which I like much better. It's nice and cool now in central PA, and I'm looking forward to lots of Kauni knitting this weeked in between going to the Penn State/UB football game and seeing Monty Python and the Holy Grail on the big screen. Can't wait!

Note the seriously curled edge:

See the nice flat textured edge:

Oh, and I decided to go to Rhinebeck again this year. We're turning it into a weekend cabin-rental get-away in the Hudson Valley, with a little bit of time built in for visiting the Sheep and Wool show. A friend of ours will be joining us, and my plan is to encourage Brian and Jen to go hiking while I visit the show. Unlike most knitters, I get overwhelmed at big shows and I only like to stay for an hour or two. I like to go early before the crowds, and leave early. Brian went to school in Albany and he loves the Hudson Valley. It should be fun trip!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Finished items

The mystery stole is done and blocked. I need a bigger blocking space! I was not very precise with my blocking on this project, mainly because I didn't have enough room, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out. I'll try to get a better photo of the details at some point. I had to block in stages because the bed was too small and we don't have a big enough floor space to block something like this:

Here's a close-up of the finished Wisp. I'm really happy with the buttons. I bought them on a trip to Great Britain with my mom in 1995 and hadn't found the right home for them until now.

The Bohus is also done. yay! I attached the buttons and now I just need it to cool off around here so that I can wear it to work. So, as of today, my WIPs are the Kauni cardigan, which I'm going to rip out and re-start, the celtic shawl, and a pair of Hedgerow socks that I started this weekend. I also have a bag full of crocheted daisies that were supposed to become a scarf but I hated sewing them together so I think I'm going to try to turn them into an afghan or baby blanket. I'm going to go on a yarn mission today to see if I can find some nice cotton to use with the daisies. My thought is to make square borders incorporating the tips of the petals of the daisies, then sew the squares together to make a blanket. Something like this: