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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yarn Crawl

We're back from our Scandinavian vacation (AKA Yarn Crawl). We had a great trip. The people of Finland, Sweden and Denmark were very friendly and didn't give us a hard time for not speaking their language. Brian always tries to learn a few phrases for the places we go, and that does a lot to help break the ice. Now for a few photos.

Here's a view of downtown Helsinki from the Sokos Torni rooftop bar. Note all of the huge cruise ships in the harbor.

We took one of those big ships to Tallinn, Estonia for a quick day trip. Tallinn is a beautifully preserved medieval city, and they are known for their handcrafts. There's also a darker side to Tallinn. We were approached by white supremists, who gave us a beer, and from this sign at the train station it seems that people in the area need some reminding of where to do their business:

We visited Suomenlinna Island in Helsinki Harbor, which was amazing. While wandering around the island we saw this:

We stayed in Helsinki for 4 days then took a train up to Oulu, where we stayed in a camping cabin at Nallikari campground for three nights:

After staying in Oulu and doing a day trip to the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, we took a train south to Turku and took Viking Line's night ferry to Stockholm. Sadly, we only spent one night in Stockholm. We packed in lots of tourist activities, including visiting Skansen folk park, where we saw this amazing building from Norway:

Now for some yarn. I didn't go nuts buying yarn because we had to carry everything we bought wherever we went. I bought a skein of varigated blue yarn from a shop in Tallinn, some Finnish yarn at Menita in Helsinki, and one skein of dark blue Kauni yarn from Somerflugen in Copenhagen:

I also bought some non-Scandinavian yarn at Menita. The yarn on the left is a lace weight silk/wool blend that might be from Italy. The yarn on the right is sock yarn from Germany.

As usual, I didn't get as much knitting done as I thought I would. I made good progress on Wisp, but didn't quite finish it:

Here's the finished Blue/Green Bohus which still needs to be blocked. I also need to find some buttons, but the knitting is done.

As far as my other projects go, I will probably rip out my Kauni and redo the bottom edge. It knits up pretty quickly, I'm just waiting for the weather to cool off before I go back to it. I'm almost done with the mystery shawl, and will focus on that over our long weekend. I started a pair of socks on our trip, but I may be making them too small and will have to rip back. I finished all of the crochet flowers for my Drogeurie kit that I got last year, but I started sewing them all together to make a scarf and I didn't like how it looked. I'm going to try to figure out a way to turn them into an afghan.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

One More Day

Tomorrow I leave for Stockholm and then a quick flight to Helsinki to meet Brian. I can't wait!

In preparation for the trip I've gotten my knitting life in as much order as possible. The Blue and Green Bohus is done with all of the ends woven in. I wish I'd learned about spit plying sooner. That would have resulted in much fewer ends. Oh well, now I know. I can't take pics of the finished object because Brian has the digital camera with him, and I think he's in St. Petersburg right about now.

I'm caught up with the mystery shawl and I really like the wing idea, even though it's asymmetrical. Again, no pics. I'll catch up with everyone else after I get back.

As always, I debated about what to bring to knit during the trip. I always bring too much but I always worry that I'm going to run out. After much thought, I decided to bring this pattern and the kid silk haze that I used for the friend's-wedding-shawl-that-never-was-worn. I didn't like how that shawl turned out, so I ripped it out and will recycle the yarn for Wisp. I'm also bringing sock needles just in case I finish Wisp and need something else to do. I'm going to the land of knitting, so I'm sure that I'll be able to find sock yarn in a pinch. It's supposed to be in the 60s and 70s during the day in Helsinki and Oulu, so a finished Wisp might even come in handy if the nights get chilly. It's been HOT and HUMID here, so 60s temp are sounding very appealing right now.