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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Behold the new yarn swift, saver of time and mental health . . .

I feel like one of those Mastercard commercials: metro fare to the yarn shop: $2.50, time spent on internet finding the yarn shop: 10 minutes, cost of yarn swift: $60, mental health and decrease of swearing while winding yarn from skein draped across knees: priceless.

This is a case where being cheap for 15 years of knitting and not buying the swift is a really stupid thing. I didn't buy the ball winder until three years ago, and then I only bought it because my mom gave us money for our wedding engagement. (Brian got something cool out of the fund too - I can't remember what, though).

Here's my swatch for the mystery stole. I used both clear and colored beads in the swatch but the clear ones don't show up at all, so I'll be sticking with the colored beads for the real mccoy. I'm thrilled that I found a tiny crochet hook among my knitting paraphrenalia so I'll be able to add the beads as I go. It must have been from my grandma's stash because I'm not a crocheter, and I doubt I'd be able to use a hook that small even if I were. I'm using size 5 needles and Shelridge Farm 2-ply lace weight that I bought at Rhinebeck last year.

Here's me and Jim Dale at the ALA conference. I can't wait for the next Harry Potter! Brian got hooked on HP over our winter break last year and listened to all of the books on CD. Jim Dale is a fantastic narrator. Our plan is to buy the discs for the new book and listen to them together, though it's going to be hard to avoid the spoilers once the book comes out.

We took the backroads to DC for the ALA conference. We made sure to go through Eichelbergertown, as that's my maiden name. It's made up of about 6 houses and it's in south-central PA.


Blogger SaraSkates said...

Hey Michelle! We met a number of times while knitting en masse with Jeannine, right??? Unless I'm mixing you up with someone else. I think of your lace knitting often - especially lately as I try to tackle some (which I've never really done before). Nice to connect with you again!

5:01 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Hi Michelle,
You caught me (haha)! I really planned on just the mystery KAL, when I came across the Kauni KAL. My yarn has been sitting in the package for that sweater for a while . I'm such an knit addict(LOL)! I like your color and the swatch looks good! thanks for stopping by my blog

8:07 AM  
Blogger Nerdy Knitter said...

I can't believe there's an Eichelbergertown! Cathy & I were just talking about your name last weekend--she said she sees it way more often than one would expect to--and now we find out there's a town named after it, too?! Incredible!

11:51 AM  

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