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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Long Time No Blog

I'm blaming the holidays.

I have been knitting, of course, and here is the status on my many projects:

scarf from Knitty. Made with gift yarn from England.

Still in progress:

Brian's sweater. I'm up to the collar on the back, and working my way up on the front:

Here's the cabin in Westmoreland State Park, where I did the bulk of the work on Brian's sweater over the winter break:

Here's the beginning of the shawl I'm working on to wear to a friend's wedding at the end of March. I hope to make some headway on it during my travels to and from Seattle for ALA's Midwinter Annual Meeting:

And finally, here's the beginning of sock #1 of the second pair of Pomatomus socks, which will hopefully be done in time for my mom's 60th b-day:

Oh, and here's some spinning that I've been working on:

So, lots of pictures and not much to say. Knit on!


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