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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Progress report

Here's an update on the progress of my current projects.

The front and back of the blue/green Bohus sweater are done. I really like how the front turned out, though I'm not looking forward to knitting the button bands separately and then sewing them to the body. I'm working on the sleeves right now.

Here's the cabled sweater for Brian. I'm much happier with it now that I took the Nerdy Knitter's advice and started cabling without a cable needle. The president of our knitting guild told me that I could let the stitches come off the needle, knit the cable, and put them back on, but I found that they pulled out when I tried it. The Nerdy Knitter told me to google cable knitting without a needle, and I found some excellent instructions on WendyKnits' site.

I went to Rhinebeck this past weekend, but I didn't go crazy spending money. I bought a cool Lantern Moon basket that I've been eying for a few years. I also got a shawl pin and some beautiful laceweight shetland and a small Morehouse Merino kit for a scarf. Here's the basket with Buddy dog lying on the floor behind it:

I was all excited about playing Blogger Bingo, and I have to admit that I did terrible. I went to the Fest early on Sunday to avoid the crowds, and in avoiding the crowds, I avoided all of the bloggers. The only blogger celebrity I spotted was Amy Singer from Knitty, and I was too shy to tell her that I read her blog and that I think Knitty is great. Oh well. The festival was fun and it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend in Upstate NY. I stayed in Hudson and had dinner with an old college friend. Fun!

Brian did amazingly well recovering from the extraction of his wisdom teeth. He had stopped taking pain medication by Saturday afternoon and was eating chili, so I didn't feel bad about leaving him for an overnight in the Hudson Valley.