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Monday, June 26, 2006

Back from Benelux

We got back from our three week trip to Europe last weekend. Here is the yarn I brought with me:

Note that only the top of one sock has been completed. I always bring way more yarn and projects than I will use, because I worry that I will run out of knitting options. In this case, I brought two fairly complicated sock patterns, one from IK and one from Knitty, and I discovered that they were more than my feeble jet-lagged brain could handle. So, while in Leeuwarden in Northern Netherlands (birthplace of Mata Hari), I bought some self-striping sock yarn for mindless train knitting:

I took a quick overnight trip to Paris, and while there I luckily wandered past La Drogerie. The staff were very friendly and helpful and were able to understand my rudimentary french. I bought some lovely bamboo to make the convertible shawl from Knitty:

and I also got a kit to make a crocheted flower scarf:

While in Tilburg (Netherlands), I went to the Textile Museum and picked up some wool to spin:

Once we arrived back home I resumed work on my Philosopher's Wool kit (after buying more black yarn as the kit did not have enough):