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Monday, April 24, 2006

Baby sweater in action

Here's a photo of my friend's cute new baby son in the sweater I sent him:

I love the hat. His sister brought to him from her class trip to Germany. He's a Tyrolean baby!

I came, I steeked, I conquered

I did it! I sewed some lines on my sweater, I CUT IT, and it didn't fall apart! Hooray!!!! Here are some photos of the steeking in action:

This is my mom's fancy "old" sewing machine that I never use. I really do not like to sew. It's something about not being able to undo once you've cut something. At least with knitting you can always (usually) go back and fix your mistakes.

Off to the left, hidden in this photo, is a VERY large glass of wine. I read that alcohol helps you work up the nerve to attack your knitted garment that you have spent MONTHS creating with a pair of sharp scissors. Can you tell that I like Fair Isle cardigans? I didn't make the sweater that I'm wearing.

The finished product in blocking mode:

I still have to add a crocheted red border to the cuffs and the bottom of the sweater, but for the most part it's done.

I finished a bunch of languishing projects this past weekend. I finally sewed in the ends on two pairs of socks that have been sitting in my knitting basket for years (really). I also finished this market/travel bag for my mom. See below:

The photo doesn't do it justice. It's purple linen and it's got a cool open, stretchy stitch. I'm making one for myself in blue linen. It scrunches up very small and you can take it shopping inside of another bag and when you buy more than you expect to (not that this ever happens to me. Ha!) you just whip out the magic expanding market bag and fill it up. I'm going to Europe with my husband in June and I'm going to try to travel carrying only a regular sized backpack. I'll take my handy expanding bag and fill it with yarn . . . I mean souvenirs.

The market bag pattern is from an old Interweave Knits. The pattern makes you purl for the whole bag, and after I got done I turned it inside out and it still looked cool, so I'm doing my bag with knit stitches instead because I don't like to purl when I don't have to.

Another knitting-related project that I conquered this weekend was to clean out my knitting basket. Along with the afore-mentioned socks, I also found a ton of metal double-pointed needles which I will never use again now that I have nice bamboo and pearl pony double-points that don't prick my fingers when I use them. I gathered a bunch of obsolete knitting tools that I will donate to my local Goodwill store. It makes me happy to simplify my knitting life.